01/28 2015

BikePgh Survey & Cyclist Pedestrian Committee Mtg Wed 2/25 6-8pm Oakland Career Ctr 294 Semple St

The following is a request from BikePgh for survey responses from our community.

Over the past several years, there has been a surge in the number of neighborhood-specific bicycle and pedestrian committees, creating a diverse group of mini-Bike Pittsburghs around the city. Some have been together for a number of years, while others are in the beginning stages of organizing.

There has been a growing interest within these groups to connect with one another to learn what’s been successful, what hasn't worked out so well, and what can be accomplished with collective action. It’s time to get together to discuss best practices, and share knowledge to make our grassroots advocacy as effective as possible.

At the first meeting, we’d like to leave the agenda fairly open to things that you want to discuss, so please come prepared with some topics to explore.

***If you plan on attending, please take a moment to RSVP by filling out this brief survey.***


An RSVP isn't necessary for attendance, but it will help make sure that we have a proper sized room for the event.*

All-neighborhood Cyclist/Pedestrian Committee Meeting
Wednesday, February 25 2015
Oakland Career Center Building
294 Semple Street Pittsburgh, PA 15213

BikePgh Contact Page

*Please note that if we have a huge response, we may need to change locations