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Saturday December 2nd  from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. ODPC is co-hosting a pop-up event with two Pitt students at the Oakland Career Center 294 Semple St.. This event is open to all Oakland residents and invites you to bring items, such as clothing, knick-knacks, small appliances, and non-perishable food items, to sell/donate. We are prepared to transport any items that are not sold/donated throughout the day to various donation centers (Goodwill, etc.).   
See attached flyer for more info.


The Port Authority is accepting service requests for the 2017 fiscal year through the end of the month. For those of you who want to advocate for improved routes it is important to go to the website and complete the request survey, the link is below. It is a quick and easy survey that only takes a couple minutes. The requests can be made both as a group and as individuals. It is important to spread this information to all your members if there are any requests that you have in mind.  For example, re-implementing the 84B in South Oakland. Advocacy for this route can continue, and if there are any other requests it is important that they be submitted by November 30th. 

Artist Darrell Kinsel (Pgh Native, Schenley Grad, Contributor to OPDC Evening Of Storytelling ) needs 2-3 Oakland residents willing to volunteer to be “models” for this exhibit. Any volunteers? The volunteer must be willing to let Darrell go through your recycling can and include elements of it in the installation described below. 
Shells of Our Former Selves 
The pieces will serve as sculptures, trash statues that represent different people of Pittsburgh.  Connecting with students, neighbors, and professionals that operate in Oakland.  These iterations of our community will be created out of the refuse materials collected directly from each of the models.  Conceptually, Shells of Our Former Selves serve as vessels for spiritual reflection, a shell or skin shed for the purposes of personal growth.   Each sculpture will reflect ideas, techniques, and physical items that have been disposed of or left behind.  This exhibition will present a collection public sculptures piled into the storefront window.  The Humanoid sculptures will present omni gendered wide ranging  body types created out of recyclable materials.  The recyclable materials will be sourced from 50 pre selected models that will serve as the base shapes for each sculpture.  Shells of Our Former Selves will represent the amount of waste collected from the model, a personal reflection of brand preferences, habits, and what different people identify as "waste". 
‘Student Move-in’ for Fall 2016 Term 
Below is a list of local University move-in dates.
  • Carlow University – August 23-24, 28, 2016
  • Carnegie Mellon University – August 20, 24-25, 2016
  • Chatham University – August 24, 2016
  • Duquesne University – August 16, 2016
  • Point Park University – August 22, 25, 27, 2016
  • University of Pittsburgh – August 22-28, 2016 

Organizers of the Pittsburgh Bicentennial Celebration are welcoming all residents of the greater Pittsburgh region to come Downtown for Bicentennial events throughout the day on Saturday, July 9.  
The day begins with a 11 a.m. parade on Liberty Avenue, starting at 11th Street and ending at Point State Park, continues with a showcase in Market Square, and ends with a concert and fireworks that evening in the park. 
The Bicentennial Parade is organized as a "human timeline," beginning with the first indigenous residents of the region, and proceeding through the City's history of immigration from Europe and newly arriving immigrants, from Latin America, Africa and Asia. The Bicentennial year forms a bridge from Pittsburgh’s first 200 years to the future. 
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Oakwatch : The Oakland Code Enforcement Project
Third Wednesdays
July 20 Noon at the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, located at 234 McKee Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15213​. They ask you to please RSVP.​
No outside food/drink, no backpacks/briefcases
Check the webpage for further details and any last minute changes.
Guest Speaker:  Maura Kennedy – PLI director
Oakwatch webpage 

Green Team : Putting the “oak” back in Oakland
Third Thursdays
July 21, 6pm, Oakland Career Center, 294 Semple St, Pgh, PA 15213.
Check the webpage for further details and any last minute changes.
Green Team webpage

1 EQ Fireworks 7/4, 2. Gallery Crawl 7/8, 3. Pogopalooza 7/8-9,
4. Pgh Vintage Grand Prix 7/8-17,
5. PGH200 Bicentennial Parade, Showcase & Fireworks 7/9 & ongoing
6. Night at the Tropics at the National Aviary 7/9
7. Picklesburgh 7/15-16, 8. Polish Hill Arts Festival 7/17
9. Third Thursday: CINEMA at Carnegie Museum of Art 7/21
10. ReplayFX Arcade & Gaming Festival 7//28-31

Last month the City, Uptown Partners, Oakland Planning & Development Corp., and neighbors had a hugely successful OPEN HOUSE to kick off the Uptown/West Oakland EcoInnovation District planning process! This event signaled the start of robust community engagement to create the City’s most sustainable and equitable district plan.

If you missed it, there will be another chance to share your thoughts about the neighborhood!
Public Open House #2 will be
Wednesday, March 30th, 6-9 pm at 300 Gist Street
See the attached flyer for more info or visit the main website at ecoinnovationdistrict.org

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The City of Pittsburgh Department of Innovation & Performance and the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh are inviting all those interested to participate in the city's inaugural Innovation Week, from April 1 through April 9.
There are more than 25 partner organizations and 20 events already planned through the week, with hopes to schedule more. If you would like to host an event, or stay connected with the latest Inclusive Innovation Week news, please see the Inclusive Innovation Week page.  
In September the City, the Department of Innovation & Performance and the Urban Redevelopment Authority launched the Roadmap for Inclusive Innovation. The mission of Inclusive Innovation Week is to continue the work of the Roadmap by promoting the City of Pittsburgh as a hub of equitable access to innovation, celebrate organizations, people and partners who are doing incredible work, and invite more people to find ownership in innovation.
For more information on the Department of Innovation & Performance, check out their State of the Department address and video.