The prevailing speed of motorists exiting I-376 onto Forbes Avenue in Oakland is about 55 miles an hour.  This is more than twice the 25 mile per hour posted speed limit.

The result of motorists traveling at this high rate of speed is that it makes crossing this exit ramp extremely dangerous for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Part of the reason for the motorists’ behavior is that in 2009 with the renovation of the Boulevard of the Allies bridge, the speed limit signs on this exit ramp were taken down, and most of these signs have never been replaced.

After two years of calls to the city, two of these four signs were replaced with speed limit signs that extended out over the roadway.  Within months, one of these signs had already been knocked down.  These need to be replaced with narrower speed limit signs that do not extend over the roadway.

The other two of these signs have not been replaced.  These signs should be mounted on the existing posts where they are indicated on the city planning maps.


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