One of the benefits of living in Oakcliffe is that it is a residential area primarily made of one way streets with little traffic except for the local residents.  Most of the housing in Oakcliffe is single family and duplexes except for a few larger complexes.  One complex has its primary entrance on Kennett Square only a few car lengths from Craft Avenue.  To avoid three blocks of slow travel through Oakcliffe, many motorists choose to drive the wrong way on Kennett Street to reach the driveway of this complex.  As a community we propose the elimination of two parking spaces on Kennett to change the first one hundred feet of this street to be two way.  This change will facilitate access to the driveway of this complex, access to the parking lot across the street from the complex, and it will reduce the overall traffic in Oakcliffe from motorists who are currently reaching these destinations legally by driving around on the residential streets.


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