04/01 2015

Dept Parks & Seeks Proposals for Cleaning And Custodial Services for Citiparks Facilities

The City of Pittsburgh Department of Parks & Recreation (Citiparks) will be accepting proposals for a contract to perform custodial and cleaning services at the city’s twenty-two (22) Recreation and Healthy Active Living (Senior) centers beginning April 8, 2015.

This Request for Proposals specifically addresses the need to provide regular, efficient and effective custodial and cleaning services to the 22 Recreation and Healthy Active Living (Senior) centers.

Citiparks is seeking proposals that provide an hourly rate for reimbursement for providing the services above for as few as four (4) specific facilities and as many as all twenty two (22) facilities.

Citiparks has partnered with the Department of Innovation & Performance and the city’s Code for America Fellows to develop the RFP website where interested vendors can sign up to receive updates, responses to questions, submission details and deadline information regarding the Request for Proposals.

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