03/13 2013


CityCouncilDistrict6Sent 03/13/2013 @ 5:05 pm


I have been an advocate of low-moderate income communities, supporting education, employment and health care initiatives that open up a path towards self-sustainabililty. In that spirit, and in light of the Commonwealth Court’s recent majority decision ordering the Corbett administration to spend tobacco settlement proceeds on health care programs for the working poor, I introduced on March 12 a Will of Council urging the Governor to respect the Court’s decision by refunding the adultBasic program or other similar health care program. Click here to view the document.

Health care costs are on the rise, with medical bankruptcies one of the principal causes of bankruptcy in the US. Now is not the time to be cutting these services to our populations in need.  The intent of the Will of Council is to serve as a strong signal to the Corbett administration to respect the Court’s decision and to reinstate a health program that provides affordable healtch care to Pennsylvanians that do not receive insurance from their employers, earn too much money to qualify for Medicaid, or are too young to receive Medicare.


R. Daniel Lavelle