07/10 2013


The Oakland Green Team seeks to “put the oak back in Oakland,” improving trail connections and creating attractive open spaces. The team will identify, guide and implement greening activities throughout Oakland.

IMG_20130409_172520The Oakland 2025 Master Plan identifies greening and beautification as vital areas for creating a sustainable and enjoyable community. The Oakland Green Team is a direct response to this vision for the future, and will strive to achieve this vision by creating a forum for resident ideas and actions.

  • The Green Team is participating in the redesign of the Louisa Street steps and in creating three new murals on Semple Street. We’ll be posting lots of updates on OPDC’s Facebook and Twitter page as the projects moves forward.
  • Next meeting: Thursday, July 18th from 6:00-7:15PM at the Oakland Career Center, 294 Semple Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15213